Contact: Jack Farrall

Situated in regional Victoria and New South Wales, Cable Winches was established by the Farrall Family in 2009. Cable Winches provide high-end fibre optic winches, self-loading drum trailers and also cable drum trailer services to business in Australia.

All original equipment manufactured at Cable Winches Australia was designed by owner Jack Farrall and the winches are safely increasing productivity and improving efficiency for many companies and contractors. Cable Winches Australia are working with some big industry players such as, Lend Lease and Melbourne Rail and variations of winches supplied by Cable Winches Australia are also improving the efficiency and increasing productivity for major industries such as rail and power.

This is not your average family business!

Tidal Fluid Power have been supplying to Jack at Cable Winches Australia for approximately 8 years. The company uses Tidal Fluid Power slow speed radial motors for cable laying machinery on the NBN Cable project. They also purchase the Tidal Fluid Power signature range of TPV piston pumps.

Jack Farrall is the Director at Cable Winches Australia, from humble beginnings he has grown the business to what it is today, with Steve and the team at Tidal Fluid Power with him from the start. Jack initially contacted Tidal Fluid Power as a knowledgeable, price effective company that had what he needed. “In a nutshell, it is still this knowledge, coupled with their good service, that keeps me coming back”, said Jack. Jack went on to say, “The team at Tidal Fluid Power are all excellent and very helpful, they stay connected and know their stuff”.

Over 8 years of working with Tidal Fluid Power Jack was unable to think of any issues that have occurred in that time. “If I had to think of something, and it would be difficult, the only issue I have ever had was when my order was delivered to the wrong address. This was rectified immediately without question of who had caused the issue, so I still got what I needed on time.”

“We are interstate customers of Tidal Fluid Power, as we are based in Victoria, however Steve still travels down to see how we are going as part of his on-going commitment to communication and service”, said Jack.

Jack describes Tidal Fluid Power products as, “Excellent and very good quality.” And when asked if he would use Tidal Fluid Power again, he said, “I do! All of the time, and I most definitely recommend them to others.”