Sunfab fixed displacement bent axis piston motor has spherical pistons ensuring an efficient motor. It has small dimensions and gives a high starting torque, which in combination with it’s excellent operational reliability makes it specially suited for truck hydraulics.

Sunfab SCM is a range of robust axial piston motors especially suitable for mobile hydraulics.

Sunfab SCM is of the bent axis type with spherical pistons.  The design results in a compact motor with few moving parts, high starting torque and high reliability.

The SCM covers the entire displacement range 12-130cm3/rev at a maximum working pressure of 40MPa.

Sunfab SCM’s well dimensioned, double tapered roller bearings permit high shaft loads and lead to excellent speed characteristics.

Sunfab SCM’s high level of reliability is based on the choice of materials, hardening methods, surface structures and the quality assured manufacturing process.


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