Repairs can often involve replacing or reworking all of the components in a hydraulic system. To return a hydraulic pump or motor to an as new condition can involve some hefty expenses in spare parts, however, it can be significantly more cost effective than replacing the entire unit. As a general rule, the more expensive the replacement unit is, the more cost effective a repair can be.

Some aftermarket spare parts are actually manufactured in the same factories that supply the genuine article and are therefore identical in quality and construction. All Tidal Fluid Power partners have been tried and tested and we offer a full warranty on all parts supplied. Using our aftermarket parts really is a risk free option that can save you thousands of dollars.

When a hydraulic pump or motor is repaired, there are generally some parts that can be salvaged and re-used. Tidal Fluid Repair Centre can machine, lap or grind salvageable parts, replace non salvageable parts and return to you a fully functioning Hydraulic unit for a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

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