1. Editorial
2. Staff News
3. Product News
4. Special Feature
5. On a lighter note

1. Editorial

Hello and welcome to my first newsletter of 2018!

The time thief has been extraordinarily busy this year.  Hard to believe we are more than a quarter of the way through the year already.  Busy times here at Tidal with new customers, new products and revamped premises.   Looking forward to an amazing year with loads of exciting new adventures to share with you guys.

If you have any pictures or videos of our products at work on your machinery, i would really love to see some action footage.  Feel free to send through anything you have to as I would love to include some actual applications in the next newsletter.


2. Staff News

New Zealand appears to be the favoured holiday destination of Tidal Staff lately with both Chris K and myself taking our leave there.  Chris being a tad more adventurous than myself choosing to try out a Canyon Swing at Queenstown.  Now I know from a personal viewpoint I was very excited to see Chris jump off a bridge and only mildly disappointed when i realised he was fully harnessed!  If you too get a little spring in your step when you think of Chris jumping off a bridge, feel free to watch the attached video as often as you like!


If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting our neighbours yet, I would highly recommend a trip to the South Island on NZ.  Wherever you go you think to yourself, it could not get any more beautiful.. then 5 minutes later you are staring at a scene more beautiful than the last.  This is our 5th trip to the south Island and i still love it as much as the first time.  Here are just a couple of my pics from my recent trip.




3.Product News

Sundstrand 90 Series program for the Sugar Industry

We have recently introduced a new range of products to suit the Sundstrand/Danfoss 90 Series Transmission pumps.  These pumps are commonly found in harvesters and are suitable for most Agricultural machinery and are well know in the Sugar industry.  We have a complete range of spare parts to suit the 55cc, 75cc and 100cc pumps in stock and ready to go.  We can supply spares for all other sizes as well upon request.



The following parts are available EX STOCK – so let us know what you need and we can ship these out same day!


Cylinder Block Kit inc Valve Plate (Rotating Group) Swash Plates
Valve Plates Shafts
Cylinder Barrel Assembly Cradle Bearings
Pistons Front and Rear Bearings
Slipper Guide (Retainer Plate) Seal Kits
EDC and 3 pos Controllers Charge pump




4.Special Feature

A few facts about the sugar industry….

The Australian Sugarcane industry is located mainly along the east Coast, starting from around Mossman all the way down to Grafton in NSW.  There are approximately 4600 cane farms growing up to 36 million tonnes of sugarcane over a land mass of around 370,000 hectares!   These 4600 cane farms supply to 24 different mills which separates ownership to 8 different milling companies (owned by public and private entities).  That whopping 36 million tonnes of sugarcane is then milled into 4.7 million tonnes of raw sugar, 1 million tonnes of molasses (Bundy rum uses 4 Olympic size swimming pools of the stuff per year and produces 60,000 bottles per day) and 10 million tonnes of bagasse (pronounced “begas” NOT “bag arse” , which I believe can be used to create paper)!

85% of the sugar that is milled in Queensland is then exported and can generate up to $2.0 billion dollars in export earnings for Queensland.  The NSW sugar is refined and sold into the domestic marketplace.

Now this is the interesting bit, that bagasse I was talking about earlier, CAN be used for paper BUT the Sugar mills are clever little monkeys and instead use this stuff to generate electricity and steam to run the factories.  What they don’t use they put back into the grid (this was around 500 GWh in 2014).  By producing their own “green” energy they have reduced the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions by over 1.5 MILLION TONNES annually.  Nothing to sneeze at!

Now as well as creating the fabulously sweet product we all know and love (Bundaberg Rum!), they also create Sugar, reduce greenhouse emissions, generate a stack tonne of dollars for Queensland economy AND employ around 16,000 people.  These guys are just amazing!

We here at Tidal Fluid Power are getting on board and doing whatever we can to support this amazing industry.  Keeping spare parts on the shelf to remove any down time so the good stuff can just keep on happening, no fuss, no bother.

Can’t take all the credit for this myself, these facts and figures have come from the Australian Sugar Milling Council (except the Bundaberg one, that was all mee!).    Below is a snapshot of the industry which summarises all this info and compares some previous years.


Sugarcane Statistics

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Size and Employment
Mills 24 24 24 24 24 24
Milling Companies 9 8 8 8 8 8
Growers 4465 4400 4300 4200 4490 4600
Total Employment 16000 16000 16000 16000 16000 16000
Hectares Harvested (000’s) 366 360 371 377 381 372
   Production (000s)
Cane Crushed (tonnes) 27940 30000 30500 32400 34800 36500
Sugar Produced  (tonnes) 3680 4250 4360 4550 4890 4770
Sugar for Exports (tonnes) 3000 3300 3450 3570 3850 3730
  Revenue (Mil $AUD)
$ Industry Revenue (note 1) 2050 2000 2000 2100 2000 2200
$ Value Sugar Exports 1718 1500 1435 1500 1500 1700
(1) Includes sugar, electricity, and molasses

 5.  On a lighter note

Bundy R. Bear was first put on a bottle of Bundaberg Rum by Sam McMahon – brother of Australian Prime Minister Billy McMahon – in 1961.  It was a real polar bear at that time – and accompanied the slogan “Bundaberg Rum to ward off the coldest Southern Chills”.