1. Editorial
2. Staff News
3. Product News
4. Special Feature
5. On a lighter note

1. Editorial

Ladeeeeez and Gentlemeeeeennnn…….. I bring you CHRISTMAS!!!!

Yes my dears, take your heads out of the sand, put your big girl panties on and accept the fact that is is HERE and waiting for that special kind of Christmas Spirit only Australians can produce (you know the one – Polar Bear… ringing any bells yet!)

We have some exciting stuff happening in 2019.  We have paired up with a Marketing company who is helping us to relaunch our website and make it all modern and fancy.   As we enter into our 20TH year we will launch a  new fresh look with improvements to the online store.    Amazing Stuff.  Will tell you all more about it in the next newsletter!

2. Staff News

Well we have said goodbye to CJ who has gone off to explore some different pastures, but welcomed aboard Rob Price.  Some of you may have worked with Rob in the past as he has been in the industry for over 30 years.

Rob has a lot of experience in system design as well as spending the last 12  years in R&D.  Rob has taken on the role of Internal sales and looks forward to chatting with you all and helping you out with your inquiries.

Rob will be the friendly voice on the other end of the phone next time you call in.  Feel free to say hi and welcome aboard, you will find Rob very knowledgeable and happy to help out.

3.Product News

Our partners in China have upgraded their online presence allowing us to view their SOH from here in Australia.

This is a huge benefit for us as we no longer have to send inquiries overseas and wait the obligatory 24 hours for a response.  We can provide quotes for spare parts with availability immediately.

As the exclusive distributor of SKS product we have access to their huge range of spare parts which can be shipped and received by us within 3-5 days.

We can supply spare parts to suit almost anything!
Our stocked range includes spares to suit:
  • Rexroth* Series
    • A2F and A2V Series
    • A2FM and A2FO
    • A4V and A4VG
    • A4VSO series 10 & 22
    • A6V/A7V/A8V series 2 & 5
    • A6VM/A7VO Series 6x
    • A8VO Series
    • A10VG Series 10
    • A10V Series 31 & 52
    • A11VO Series 10 & 11
  • Vickers* Series
    • PVB Series
    • PVE19/21 TA19
    • PVH Series
    • PV20/MF20
    • PV90/MF90
  • Sundstrand Series
    • 20 – 27 Series
    • 90 series
*All original manufacturers names are for reference purposes only

4.Special Feature


Steve has just returned from a very successful trip to China where he spent some time at the Bauma exhibition in Shanghai meeting existing and prospective suppliers.  He also visited the factory where alot of our spare parts are manufactured.  Steve always likes to visit the factories where we source our product as he likes to know the people we are dealing with.  He always checks first hand the conditions of the factory and the quality of the output.    Only when Steve is satisfied that the factory is reputable and the quality is of Australian Standard do we form relationships with these companies.  This is why we have such a tight relationship with SKS in China.  Both their factory and the product quality is first class. 

About Bauma
Bauma China is Asia’s largest and most important event for the construction industry as it attracts key players and decision makers to the one place.  It is a platform for product presentations and the perfect place for communication and cooperation between parties focusing on :

  • Mining, extraction, and processing of raw materials.
  • Asia’s construction-machinery industry and new impetus for your business success.
  • Production of building materials.
Bauma Shanghai 2018 Stats
  • 3,350 exhibitors (+ 13 percent) from 38 countries and regions
  • 212,500 visitors (+ 25 percent)—94 percent coming from Asia
  • 330,000 sqm: bauma CHINA utilized entire available exhibition space

Steve says he thoroughly enjoyed his time at Bauma and met quite a few new contacts but they will need to go through his rigorous  process before we could call them suppliers.   The size of the exhibition is beyond belief.  Very difficult to portray.  I found an aerial photo of the exhibition centre on the web that may just give you an indication.

 5.  On a lighter note

Christmas Hours.

Tidal will be breaking up at 12pm on Friday 21st December.  As always, if something is urgent we have someone on call that can open up and get your part away same day should the need arise.   We will be back on board and in full swing on the Wednesday January 2nd.

Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas.  Enjoy your well deserved break and we look forward to working with you again in 2019.