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RossiSugar Cane Harvesting:
Heavy duty Hydraulic Transmission Pumps and Motors need to be serviced and repaired over the life of the machine. Hydraulic pumps and motors sold by Tidal Fluid Power have also been rebuilt in Clontarf over the 26 year life of the sugar cane haul-outs.


gasonAgricultural Applications:
Sunfab motors are applied to drive “fan drives” in Agricultural Applications. Providing a pneumatic stream to transport various types of seeds to planting. This application requires a high integrity Hydraulic Motor as the Planting season is very short.


Hydco_1200H_v1Drill Rigs:
Reliable drives for Drilling Rig Winches is a must. Sunfab SCM Motors are favoured on these exploration drill rigs for their reliability, high performance and value.

Tree Trimming:
Project applications with a Veljan Triple Vane pump and Vane Motor have proved a huge success in Tree Trimming. The Tidal Package with control valves and controllers have made the difference to provide long lifetime to the hydraulic components with smooth operation.

Power Unit Drive:
Economical, High efficiency variable piston pumps from Tidal Fluid Power were selected to re drive the mineral refining process. Ease of fitment to the project and high performance output has proven to be a big winner in this application.