Hap Hap Happeeee Birthday Tidal

A long long time ago in a beautiful seaside village in Brisbane a little baby company was born and has flourished in this harsh and volatile world and has outlived 6 (Yes 6) Prime Ministers.

Starting with 2 Daddy’s (yes we are a PC company) for the first few years and then changing to a single parent household in 2005, Tidal Fluid Power has grown into a confident and sassy young fledgling making his mark on the world.

In 1999, not only was Tidal Fluid Power born but the 6 Billionth Human was also born and for some reason known only to the creators, so was Sponge Bob Squarepants (who is also still going strong)!

During the past 20 years a lot has changed (like the holder of the State of Origin 1999-Qld/2019-NSW) but a lot has also stayed the same!   Steve undertook a survey many years ago to establish the most important aspects of our business as seen by the customer. The results were Availability, Service, Quality and Price (in that order).  To this day we use this as our company mandate and everyone understands this is not just a saying, but a promise to live by.

Starting with Availability, it was very important from early on that we keep sufficient stock to satisfy customer requirements.  While Yachtsman, Jesse Martin was circumnavigating the world, solo, non stop and unassisted, we were taking many many trips Overseas to meet with potential suppliers, visit factories and confirm products we were purchasing would last longer than an Angelina Jolie marriage!!    To keep in line with the “quality” mandate, , we were looking more for a Posh and Beckham type longevity (without the $800K wedding bill)!

We had now satisfied ourselves that the quality of the products were excellent!  We had established our core group of suppliers from China, USA, India and Europe (FYI the Euro currency was introduced in 1999) we then went about working on our pricing structure.  By setting agreements in place and buying in bulk, using the FX rate to our best advantage and shipping via Sea Freight we were able to bring the products in at a very competitive rate, passing those savings on to our customers.

Service is something we take very seriously here at Tidal and it starts long before you even place an order with us.  As soon as any product arrives from Overseas, it is put through an extensive QC procedure.  Only when the unit has been thoroughly checked over and our very experienced Workshop Manager has given it the OK, is it cleared for release to the Warehouse where it is repackaged and placed on the shelf ready to receive your order.

After sale service starts from the moment you place your order.  We will always have someone to assist in everything along the way from helping you figure out the order codes, to technical advise on what to order as well as trouble shooting the fit out and functionality of the entire hydraulic system.  Now I am not saying we can help you with every problem that comes your way, but we will surely give it a crack!  If we don’t know it, we will do everything in our power to find out for you.

By sticking true to the Mantra of Availability, Service, Quality and Price we have survived a volatile marketplace, a GFC and a Republic referendum (with our track record of Prime Ministers that was probably for the best) and unlike Lance Armstrong we are still delivering Quality products and impeccable service each and every day.

We have made some very long term special partnerships with both Customers and Suppliers alike.

Veljan in India have been our longest Supplier partnership being by our side for 19 years.  They supply high quality Denison product and are always extremely helpful offering excellent service and quick delivery time.

SKS have been with every step of the way for the past 17 years whilst also venturing on their own growth journey recently opening another brand new factory in China.  Their manufacturing quality is fabulous and we are proud to be their exclusive distributor here in Australia.

Sunfab in Sweden have supplied us with high quality pumps and motors for the past 16 years.  Offering us bent axis Piston pumps and Motors of the highest quality is just one of the products we stock.  We are the exclusive distributor in Australia and are very honoured to be so.

We are thrilled to celebrate our 20th Birthday with you all and look forward to the next 20!







 So just for a bit of fun, some other things that happened in 1999….(you may notice I snuck a few in up above)


  • The Space Shuttle Discovery completed it’s first docking with the International Space Station
  • The worlds Tallest building “Petrona Towers” was opened in Kuala Lumpur (a mere 451m is now #19!)
  • Pluto moved further away from the Sun than Neptune regaining its status as solar systems outermost planet (poor little Pluto has now been demoted to a “Dwarf” planet)
  • Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones circumnavigated the Earth in a Hot Air Balloon (wonder which one supplied the most hot air?)
  • Garth Brooks, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw won the Country Music Awards (3 of my hubbies favourites)
  • The very first “Big Brother” was aired in The Netherlands (man, they have alot to answer for)


 And for you Sports Nuts out there…

  •  Cricket world cup was won by Australian Mens Team (beat Pakistan by 8 wickets)
  • Melbourne Storms beat St. George Illawarra Dragons at ANZ Stadium in front of 107,999 people
  • North Melbourne 19.10(124) beat Carlton 12.17(89) at the MCG in front of 94,228 people
  • Melbourne Cup was won by Rogan Josh, ridden by John Marshall and trained by Bart Cummings
  • Brownlow medal was taken home by Shane Crawford of Hawthorn
  • Australia beat France in the Rugby world cup
  • FIFA Womens world cup was won on Penalty shootout in extra time by USA womens national soccer team
  • Wimbledon  winners – Women=Lindsay Davenport, Men=Pet Sampras
  • US Open winners – Women=Serena Williams, Men=Andre Agassi