1. Editorial
2. Staff News
3. Product News
4. Special Feature
5. On a lighter note

1. Editorial

Welcome back!  Actually on time for my “quarterly” newsletter this time.  Thought I’d try and squeeze it out before we all get inundated with end of year problems and deadlines.

Tidal Fluid Power have had a very successful year and have introduced new products, redefined some old ones and met a whole heap of new customers.  The boost in mining over the next 12 months should see a better year for us all in the near future.  I was reading recently that 3 of the Biggest iron ore miners are planning to spend 9.5 billion dollars on new mines over the next 4 years.  That should give the economy a “Mother” of a shove in the right direction.

2. Staff News

Well May was a “TUFF” month for the staff with the guys here competing in the Tuff Mudder competition.    We started out with a full force of happy smiles and healthy competition and ended with mud filled orifices and injuries galore (but the smiles were still there).

The guys,  along with Alex (Danny’s wife who proxy’d in for me as I had just had surgery and couldn’t compete) did the 5km obstacle course held here in Woodford.  They did an amazing job and showed the True Tidal Spirit.  Team Tidal Titans were AWESOME!!!

Steve and I followed them round the course with camera’s in hand.  See some of our happy snaps below.  Bloody good day out!


3.Product News

Here is the product we’ve been waiting for!!!!!!!

Our latest addition to the Piston Pump range is the TPV-2-085.    These Piston pumps are an 85cc/rev pump with standard SAE C Mounting (5″ spiggot).  At this stage these are only available in RH rotation with flanged rear ports and a 1 1/4″ 14 tooth shaft, but we will be adding more variations as they become available.

Having a lower maximum pressure setting of 250 bar these are used in a variety of mobile applications.


Perfectly suited to lower duty power unit applications these little babies are ex stock Brisbane.


Sugarcane Haulouts


Fan Drives

Factory applications









4.Special Feature

This month we have reached a new milestone in our product development.  Increasing interest from OEM’s have resulted in this months delivery of

5 x TPV-11-130 Piston pumps (equivalent to A11VLO130).  These will be heading into the mining industry as they boast high performance and reliability

in harsh mining environments.

Tidal have been supplying these 350bar pumps into a test program for nearly 2 years.  The results have been excellent.

We have  4-5 years of experience supporting this product with the supply of spare parts to a variety of sizes from our stocked range.

This range of piston pump also come in 60cc/rev, 95cc/rev, 115cc/rev, 130cc/rev, 190cc/rev and 260cc/rev.  We can assist you in spare parts for all these sizes.

Early in 2019, we hope to release the TPV-11-260 Piston pump to our range.

 5.  On a lighter note