1. Editorial
2. Staff News
3. Product News
4. Special Feature
5. On a lighter note

1. Editorial

Hello everyone.  Welcome to our first newsletter for 2017.  I hope that everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Year and a  thoroughly deserved rest!


I know we have all been back for a few months already and it feels like the Christmas break was a million years ago.   Can you believe that we are nearly 1/4 way through 2017 already and the Easter Bunny has pushed Santa’s sleigh to the back of the garage to make room for the “egg-mobile”!

The other really exciting news is that IT IS FOOTY SEASON!!!!!!!!

Go the mighty Bombers!!!!

This year I have decided to do something a little different.  I have set up a “Company tipping competition” that I would love you all to be a part of.  Now I have never done this before so please bear with me.  If you are interested in joining in the fun, please click on the link below, sign up and register.  Then all you need to do is enter your tips each week and watch me take out the crown. 


Comp Code: 56E9E262


2. Staff News

As most of you are already aware, Danny has now moved out of the Internal sales role and is on the road visiting customers full time now.

This has left a big gap in our office but we have filled that gap with a big personality you may remember.  Chris James has rejoined us after a few years in sales over at IFS.  Chris has picked up the role very quickly and will take all your requests on board and solve any problems you may have (or die trying!).

He’s a lovely young man and we are proud to have him aboard.  Feel free to give him a call anytime with any query, I’m sure he’ll be able to help.

Please join me in wishing Danny all the best out on the road and give Chris a big warm welcome to the gang.


3.Product News

TPV Piston pumps.

We currently have all displacements in stock and ready to ship.  These pumps are built here in Queensland and are all tested locally prior to shipment.  They are also backed with our full Tidal warranty.

Our current availability includes

TPV-1-018NTD TPV-1-045NTD TPV-1-100NTD
TPV-1-028NTD TPV-1-045TD TPV-1-100TD
TPV-1-028TD TPV-1-071NTD TPV-1-140NTD
TPV-2-60NTD TPV-1-071TD TPV-1-140TD


These pumps are built here in Queensland and are all tested locally prior to shipment.  They are also backed with our full Tidal warranty.

Watch the video below to see Jeremy actually undertaking the build in our workshop here at Clontarf.


If you already have the pump and just need to replace some parts, we can help you out there today.  We have  a full array of spare parts to suit all TPV (A10V) Series of Piston pumps.  YOu can either give us a call or purchase direct from our website.  Click here to visit the online store – take me shopping.

4. Special Feature

Every section of the Coding tells the supplier something about the pump you are ordering.  I have detailed here what the code breakdown is for our TPV Units (which are directly equivalent to an A10V unit).  Hope this helps you out when you are ordering!

   See the PDF Version here (You may find it easier to read) TB_150050_TPV1-2

 5.  On a lighter note