Veljan High speed motors provide clean systems with pressures up to 230 Bar.

For the Medium Duty applications we stock the Veljan range of Motors including the VM3B, VM4C, VM4D and VM4E.   These are perfectly suited for applications such as water pumps and fan drives as well as reversible motors for Winches, .

We also carry the High performance Tidal range of 25M, 35M, 45M and 50M Single Vane Motors.

Tidal High starting torque radial piston motors are of fixed displacement design with pressure up to 250 bar.

Perfectly suited for applications such as winch drives (direct or through a reduction gearbox) and static park brake.

High Torque, low speed motors are ideal for auger drives and Broom drives.
Tidal variable displacement bent axis Motors are very popular for drill head drives and Vehicular propel drives with smooth speed change. The TMV Series 6 is highly efficient and designed especially for hydrostatic drives with secondary controls.

Sunfab High speed bent axis piston motors are very popular as fan drives, water pump drives and air seeder pump drives as they are especially suitable for mobile hydraulics. The SCM covers the entire displacement range from 10-130cm3. These are available in both SAE and ISO mounts.

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