• Bent Axis Piston Pumps

    Bent Axis Piston Pumps

    Sunfab Bent Axis Piston pumps with ISO Mount for Industrial Power units and electric motor driver applications to 400 Bar. Truck Pumps with DIN mount for PTO Applications to 350/400 Bar with Bolt on Valve variations. Brochure code for this product is TB_150055

  • Closed Circuit Swash Plate Pumps

    Closed Circuit Swash Plate Pumps

    Tidal offer 3 types of closed circuit Swash plate pumps off the shelf. The swivel angle of the swash plate design increases the flow. The TPV-4G version has displacements ranging from 28cc-250cc whereas the 4T has displacements of 71cc and 90cc. The PV Series has 3 frame sizes 20, 22 and 23 with displacements ranging from 33 - 90cm3.

  • Open Circuit Swash Plate Pumps

    Open Circuit Swash Plate Pumps

    Tidal provide 3 pressure levels in this category of pump 1. The Tidal TPV Series 2 have displacements of 45, 60 and 85cc with pressure level up to 250 Bar. (TB_150050) 2. The Tidal TPV series 1 have displacements of 18cc – 140cc and a pressure level of up to 280 Bar. (TB_150050). 3. The Tidal TPV Series 11 comes in displacements of 95, 130, 145 and 190cc and a pressure level of up to 350 Bar. (TB_150003) This is the most common type of Piston pump in the marketplace and is Tidal’s signature range of product. These are a modular unit and can be built to your specifications by changing cartridge kits, shafts, rotation and end covers. Available in Through Drive and Non Through drive options.

  • Vane Pumps

    Vane Pumps

    Veljan Heavy Duty Vane pumps in Single, Double and Triple pumps provide clean systems with pressures up to 275 Bar. The Veljan range of Single Vane pumps are stocked in the VT6C, VT6D and VT6E as well as the Thru Drive Vane Pumps VT6CR, VT6DR and VT6ER. For the Lighter duty applications we also stock the V10 and V20 Single Vane Pumps. In the Double Vane Pump group we offer the Veljan Heavy Duty range including the VT6CC, VT6DC, VT6EC, VT6ED and VT6EE. In the Triple Vane Pump range we offer the VT6DCC and the VT6DDC. The simple pin Vane design with double lip Vane and Super hard Microseal Cam Ring surface make the Veljan pumps high efficiency with excellent suction conditions. As Vane pumps do not produce contaminant into the system (as gear pumps do), you do not require pressure filters to maintain a clean system.






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