Open Circuit Swash Plate Pumps

Tidal provide 3 pressure levels in this category of pump

1. The Tidal TPV Series 2 have displacements of 45, 60 and 85cc with pressure level up to 250 Bar. (TB_150050)

2. The Tidal TPV series 1 have displacements of 18cc – 140cc and a pressure level of up to 280 Bar. (TB_150050).

3. The Tidal TPV Series 11 comes in displacements of 95, 130, 145 and 190cc and a pressure level of up to 350 Bar. (TB_150003)

This is the most common type of Piston pump in the marketplace and is Tidal’s signature range of product. These are a modular unit and can be built to your specifications by changing cartridge kits, shafts, rotation and end covers. Available in Through Drive and Non Through drive options.

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