Eaton Vickers 35VQ Vane Pump

35VQ Single Vane Pump

The Tidal 35VQ Hydraulic Vane pump is interchangeable with the Vickers V and VQ series.  They are readily available in a broad selection of displacements and are easy to Install.   We have them available in both 10 vanes for mobile applications and 12 vanes for industrial applications.  These vanes can sense Tip wear and compensate as required.  The Flexible side plates are pressure loaded facing towards the rotor to allow for easier cold starting.  The vanes are not extended until they reach operating speeds of 500-600rpm.  They start on a very low pressure with low vibration, hence low noise.   They are a quiet achiever with an extremely long life expectancy with the capacity to run at high speeds as well due to the oil acceleration being uniform through the flow ports.

As the cartridge and shaft are independent of each other, the cartridges can be changed without actually having to remove the entire pump from the application. Rotation is very easily changed from Clockwise to Counter Clockwise.

The Ports can be any direction as long as they are 90o relative to each other.   This flexibility makes the 35VQ Vane pump suitable for an array of different applications such as Engineering, Die Cast machines, Printing and other presses, Machine tools, plastic injection moulding machines and many more.

Our Brochure of the 35VQ Single Vane Pump can be accessed here:  TB_150018_35VQ






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