A10V Series 52

TPV Series 2 Open Circuit Swash Plate Piston Pump

TPV Series 2 range are the Tidal equivalent to Rexroth A10V/52 Series with identical dimensions and build.  They have good suction characteristics, 2 case drain ports and a High power to weight ratio.

The 52 series are matched with our TPV-2 range and have identical dimensions and build therefore can act as a direct replacement.

The demand for these units are so high we have increased our stock levels here in Brisbane.  Ex stock Brisbane we offer displacements of 45cc/rev and 60cc/rev and have on demand suppliers for the 28cc and the 85cc.


  • Displacements of 28, 45, 60 and 85cc/rev
  • Nominal Pressure 250 Bar (Peak 315 Bar)
  • SAE A, B, C and D Mounts available
  • 2 and 4 Bolt available

To view the datasheet on this product, please click here:  TPV Series 2 datasheet

Recently featured in the Mine Safety review website, is our TPV-2 Product Spotlight video.

TPV Series 2 Open Circuit Swash Plate Piston Pump are an excellent Piston pump with many features.

  • Good Suction Characteristics
  • SAE Mounting Flange and Shaft
  • Flange connections to SAE
  • 2 Case Drain Ports
  • Low noise level and long service life
  • High Power-Weight Ratio
  • Axial and Radial loading of drive shaft possible
  • Permissible continuous pressure to 250 Bar
  • Flow is proportional to drive speed and displacement
  • Variable displacement axial piston pump of swashplate design
  • Wide range of controls
  • Short response times
  • Through drive option for multi circuit system






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