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1. Editorial

Hello everyone.  Hope you are all going well and enjoying our new Spring weather.  Can’t say I’m sorry to say Good Bye to Winter.

Then online store is coming up to it’s 6 month anniversary and proving very popular.  It can save you heaps of time and automate basic orders by the touch of a button.  Don’t be afraid to give me a call , I would be very happy to talk you through placing an order online.  I can even do a “Team Viewer” session with you where I take control of the reigns BUT you can see everything I’m doing on your screen (I’ll even do an office visit if you are here in Brisbane!).  We have acted on all the feedback received and solved some basic startup hiccups, however, should you come across anything that you feel needs improvement, PLEASE call me and let me know.  Feedback is the key to making this online store a success for all of us.

Give me a call or drop me an email at and I can set you up with your unique online username and password immediately, that way you can start shopping straight away.

2. Staff News

Danny has recently returned from a wedding in FIJI that he thoroughly enjoyed, and has come home with some horrific stories.  Ask him about the case of the missing tooth next time you have him on the phone!

Damien is settling in nicely and enjoying his domain downstairs.  Transitioning from handbags to hydraulics was a bit of a challenge but he has taken it on with gusto and is running the warehouse like a well oiled Samsonite!



My daughter has just got her “P” plates so my I finally get to hang up my Taxi licence! I made a promise to her many years ago that is she skipped the whole “Schoolies” thing I would take her to Europe when she completed Year 12.  That day is finally coming and we have just booked our flights for next July.  Super exciting… I think I am more excited than her!  A week in the UK, a week in Paris and a 22 day tour of Europe!  Now all we need to do is wait for 10 months… grrrrr!


3.Product News

Not sure how many of you are aware that we stock quite a large range of hydraulic filters.

In stock we have

  • 12 Bar Return Spin on Filter Assemblies
  • Suction Spin on Filter Assemblies
  • 12 Bar USA Spin On elements
  • Visual Indicators
  • 35 Bar Pressure Spin on Filter Assemblies
  • Suction strainers with Bypass valves
  • Metal Breathers and Filter Breathers

There are over 65,000 interchangeable elements so I’m sure that our stocked range will keep your filters clean and removing contaminants for many years to come.  Our full assembles are also available at very reasonable prices, so call today and keep your system healthy and clean!

Here is the brochure with all the details:- faifiltration-catalogue


4. Special Feature

Why do we need Hydraulic Filters?

For every moment a hydraulic system is running it is as risk of contamination by particles that are larger than 1 micron.  Once contamination occurs, damage to the system is inevitable.  The only variants depend on the level of the contamination.  Metal particles are most damaging and all parts of the system are at risk.  Deterioration is rapid and down time is the subsequent outcome.

Hydraulic filters remove dirt and particles from the oil in hydraulic systems.  Removing the risk of contamination by using the correct filter will provide you with the optimal environment for a healthy hydraulics system.

There are different types of hydraulic filters for differing type of contamination.

The “Suction Filter” provides protection from larger particles in excess of 10 microns.  Suction filters must be installed below the oil level of the tank (in the suction line of the pump) and offer a course filtration.

The “High Pressure Filter” is probably the most common.    It offers the highest grade of filtration and is equipped with a bypass check valve.  With paper or polyester, this type of filter offers protection from as small as 1 micron.

The “Return Line Filter” will be found in almost every hydraulic system.    The filter elements can be easily replaced when needed making them very easy to service.  If offers fine filtration of 10-90 micron and is equipped with a bypass check valve.   The return flow must come from below the fluid level in the tank.

The “Bypass Filter” can be used in Mobile hydraulics as they are connected to the pressure side of the system.   These offer high grade filtration of 0.5 micron.  They usually comprise a bypass unit (with pump), a filter and an oil cooler.

“Breathers” are considered one of the most important components of filtration nowadays.   A breather is designed to filter the air flowing in and out of the tank as the fluid in the tank varies.

“Contamination indicators” determine the level of contamination in a filter element and warn the user when contamination levels reach a dangerous level.  A filter with a fine filtration grade is more susceptible to clogging than a course filtration grade.


Therefore, it is highly recommended to use Filters on all hydraulic systems to minimise contamination to the oil and subsequent damage to the system components.  Not only should filters be installed, filter elements should be replaced on a regular basis to keep the system working at optimum performance.

In conclusion, hydraulic filters are the most cost effective way to maximise the lifespan of a hydraulic system (provided they are regularly maintained).


 5.  On a lighter note

                       filter                                    filter-3