1. Editorial
2. Staff News
3. Product News
4. Special Feature
5. On a lighter note

1. Editorial


Well Ladies and Gents, Winter is over, Spring has Sprung and we’ve got ANOTHER new Prime Minister!!


I see our leadership is a bit like Melbourne weather,  if you don’t like the Prime Minister, wait a minute.

With the end of financial year over and done with, it is time to focus on the rest of the year (although a quarter of it just when up in a puff of smoke!).  We have some exciting new products coming soon and some new employees to introduce.

2. Staff News

During the month we said good bye to Kye as he heads off to the great underground world of mining!  Kye had only been with us for 12 months but has made a huge impact on us all.  We sincerely hopes he finds the treasures he is searching for.

With every goodbye, there is a silver lining in the shape of a welcome aboard.  Martin Ungermann has joined Tidal Fluid Power as our new workshop fitter.  Many of you may already know Martin as he has been in the industry for many years.  Please join me in welcoming him aboard.

We would also like to introduce Mrs Jo Duffy.  Jo started with us last month and has filled a newly created position of “Inventory controller”.  Jo has experience in stock control at a Brewery in the UK so fluid control and urgency are things she is very familiar with.  Jo will be constantly monitoring stock levels and placing orders on our suppliers to keep our stock levels at the optimum level to satisfy customers.  If you have upcoming orders and need us to keep extra levels of certain items, please let us know in advance so we can make sure it is on the shelf for you.

3.Product News



SCM 010-130 SAE is of the bent-axis type with spherical pistons. The design results in a compact motor with few moving parts, high starting torque and high reliability. It covers the entire displacement range 10-130 cm³ ⁄rev. at a maximum pressure of 400 bar. It features double tapered roller bearings, which permits high shaft loads and gives superb speed performance. The high level of reliability is based on the choice of materials, hardening methods, surface structures and the quality assured manufacturing process. Sunfab also offers a two-bolt flange, SAE B2 010- 034 in the SCM family.


The SCM Bent axis motor

  • High maximum speed
  • Smooth operation over the entire speed range
  • Available in many different configurations of shafts and connections
  • High efficiency
  • Speed sensor available as option
  • Suitable for applications with high angular accelerations due to its high rotary stiffness


4.Special Feature




 5.  On a lighter note

I have a personal story to share with you here today.

A few weeks ago I arrived home from gym to a very sick little puppy.  My husband had taken him for a walk to a local little waterhole (our regular walking spot) and let them off the lead to go for a run.  Everything appeared fine and they headed home to do the housework (HA HA HA as if………..laid on the bed and watched TV for the next 3 hours!).  I took one look and bundled my pride and joy into the car to head to the 24 hour emergency vet.  Assuming a tick, my poor little boy was subjected to the dreaded “tick clip” – this is where they shave you to within a mm of the skin and send you out looking like a skinned rabbit!  The mystery thickens here – no tick was found!  They monitored him overnight ($$$$$$$$)  with no improvement so went off to test for plan B – Poisoning.  This is where it gets very interesting, my beautiful baby boy (who is 3 – which is 21 in human years) tested POSITIVE FOR MARIJUANA.  The vet did not believe it, so ran the test again – POSITIVE FOR MARIJUANA a second time!!  My poor little angel was then subjected to another 24 hours on a drip to flush his system out (and flush my bank account dry) before he was released into my custody.

We have had the “talk” and he has promised to steer clear of drugs in the future but I still insist on a urine sample every morning!