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1.0 Editorial

Hello everyone

Football season is in full swing with finals just around the corner.  My prediction for the Grand Final is “insert drum roll here” Tigers and Magpies.  I think that is going to be an absolute cracker of a game and I believe the Tigers will walk away with the prize this year (This will make my husband extremely happy, something I strive NOT to do – don’t want him getting too complacent).  Only time will deliver the outcome but what is absolutely certain is that we are in for some cracking footy and there are going to be a lot of celebrations and commiserations all round, so let’s grab a Four’n’Twenty and a VB and see where the finals take us.


Now I don’t follow the NRL anywhere near as closely as I follow the AFL but from what exposure I have had I am led to believe that it is likely to be a Roosters Vs Raiders Grand Final.  Do I have any takers on who is likely to take out the big prize?  Drop me an email and let me know who you think is likely to be the Premiers for 2019.
Now there is also a new player in town.  Next season I am definitely putting some focus towards the AFLW. Anyone out there been watching the AFLW season?  Would love to hear your comments.

2.0 Staff News

Well October is going to be an exciting month for our Staff here at Tidal. We will be announcing some new people to come on board very soon.  I’m starting to feel this section should be a “Tania Travel Blog”! I headed off to the NT in August and was totally blown away by the wonder of the country we live in. Cannot get my head around the size of it!

In a short space of 9 days we managed to see (and climb) Uluru. I, like most Australians, have seen hundreds of photos of the whopping monolith yet not one of them depicts the actual size of the thing. Standing at the bottom looking up is a sight to behold. I had my heart set on climbing it but day 1 it was closed due to high winds and I thought I’d lost my opportunity, but the gods were kind and allowed me to climb on Day 2. Not for the faint hearted but so worth it!


So after fulfilling my dream of climbing Ayers rock, we then proceeded to explore the Olgas. A quick (4 hours) drive to neighbouring Kings Canyon had another big climb and a 4 hour walk in store for me. The Kings Canyon scenic rim walk is stunning and once again my mind was thoroughly blown! No rest for the wicked though, jump in the car and drive the short distance (another 5 hours) to Alice Springs.

From Alice Springs, Standley Chasm and Simpsons Gap are literally just down the road and worth the trip. Heads up though, Standley Chasm was absolutely bloody freezing!  The wind was rushing through like a teenager through your wallet!
From Alice a short flight to Darwin where we had a quick look around and headed towards Kakadu stopping along the way for a jumping crocs tour.  Now those things are bloody frightening!  Into Kakadu where we explored some Aboriginal rock art sites and climbed mountains for awesome views over the National park.  A couple of different boat tours to see some Crocodiles in their natural habitat (yes, still bloody frightening) and also the beautiful bird life the centre has to offer.

A quick drive down to Katherine where we went on a tour through Katherine Gorge. Absolutely spectacular! An afternoon tour through the Cutta Cutta cave system and we are on our way again towards Litchfield national park. Litchfield is definitely a place where you could spend a week or two (if you have a 4WD) just exploring all the areas it has to offer. We only had 1 day but definitely whet the taste buds for a future trip. Final destination of the trip is back to Darwin where we cruise the harbour over an evening meal. Watch an amazing sunset and get ready to head back to Brisbane on the shuteye flight and plan another trip to spend some more time here.



3.0 Product News

Our Harvester Pumps program has recently been introduced to remove downtime on machines in the Harvesting sector.  Tidal have created a Pro Active solution that will allow you to remove a faulty pump and replace with an identical “rebuilt” pump for a fraction of the price.

Signing up to become a ‘Service Exchange’ customer means that Tidal Fluid Power will replace the unit that requires attention with a new “SX” unit and then, repair and rebuild the original unit and store it in our Brisbane based warehouse ready to replace when the next service exchange is due.



You can enter the Harvesting season with the secure knowledge, that should anything go wrong with the pump during the season, there will be minimal down time as your replacement pump has been previously built, tested and is ready to ship.  With our Service Exchange Program you can Exchange your pump and get going today.

All Service exchange pumps are fully warranted.

What to expect:
• Fast, efficient service
• Local knowledge
• Cost effective solutions
• Pump exchanged as a replacement for your existing pump

Before and After

4.0 Special Feature

In October we will celebrate our 20th Birthday! It will be the commencement of our 21st year and we are very excited. Our focus started and remains as Availability, Service, Quality, Price and we pride ourselves on our Customer service and Quality control.

In the coming weeks you will receive an email from me with “The story so far”. Keep your eyes peeled and we will fill you in all the juicy details of where it all began and how it grew to be such an Australian Success story.

5.0 On a Lighter Note