Rexroth A10v

Supplying competitively priced hydraulic components with care and quality

Tidal Fluid Power is a manufacturer and supplier of high-performing, competitively priced hydraulic components based in Brisbane.  We specialise in piston pumps and motors, vane pumps and motors, and spare parts to suit both.

Our state of the art Repair Centre was built in 2010 to offer repair, rebuild and technical fault finding to our customers in industries including transportation, agriculture and mining.


We are a small team of around 15 people giving us the flexibility and dexterity to respond to specific customer demands.  We can tailor our services to the individual need of our customers.  Customers are treated like business partners.  We will always take the time to understand thoroughly the needs of our customers to ensure the correct product is supplied.  Our mantra of “if it’s in stock it goes today” is not just a saying.  If we take your order at 5pm and it needs to get to the airport to travel to Perth or Adelaide, we will hand deliver it to the freight company to get it on that plane for overnight travel.

Not only do we pride ourselves on our service, the quality of our product is paramount.  Our quality assurance process has been developed over 21 years  to meet the extremely high standards of The Australian marketplace.

Our team is made up of skilled individuals with a broad range of capabilities.  Our technicians are highly trained specialists with many years experience, working with state of the art equipment to provide a high level service each and every time.