September 28, 2016

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2. Staff News
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4. Special Feature
5. On a lighter note

1. Editorial

Hello everyone.  Hope you are all going well and enjoying our new Spring weather.  Can’t say I’m sorry to say Good Bye to Winter.

Then online store is coming up to it’s 6 month anniversary and proving very popular.  It can save you heaps of time and automate basic orders by the touch of a button.  Don’t be afraid to give me a call , I would be very happy to talk you through placing an order online.  I can even do a “Team Viewer” session with you where I take control of the reigns BUT you can see everything I’m doing on your screen (I’ll even do an office visit if you are here in Brisbane!).  We have acted on all the feedback received and solved some basic startup hiccups, however, should you come across anything that you feel needs improvement, PLEASE call me and let me know.  Feedback is the key to making this online store a success for all of us.

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