It has come to our attention that we have received products from our factory in China with assembly bolts that may be to the wrong standard.

The products that may be affected are TV10 series, TV20 series, TVTM42, TV2010 series and TV2020 series hydraulic pumps.   We estimate that this may have occurred in the period from January 2017 up until July 2019.  All items supplied after this date are compliant to the standards.

Our supplier has assured us that the bolt strength is to standard, however, from the markings on the bolts we are not assured.  We are therefore advising you of this discrepancy for your advice.


It is our strongest recommendation that the bolts on these pumps be changed out.
Failure to do so could result in failure of the part, giving rise potentially to serious injury and/or death.

Please see below for the relevant files with the recommended torque settings and the bolt length appropriate to the pump.

To replace the bolts, make sure that the prime mover (electric motor or diesel engine) is turned off and that any residual hydraulic pressure is reduced to zero.  There is no requirement to remove the pump from the prime mover.  Remove 2 bolts only that are located diagonally.  Replace with grade eight bolts and torque the new bolts to the appropriate level from the spare parts list.  The remaining two bolts are then replaced using the same procedure.

We accept no responsibility from hereon for failure of the bolts should you fail to follow our recommendation and advice.  Should you be in any way uncertain as to what steps to take, we suggest that you contact us immediately for further explanation and advice.