Q. Do our aftermarket pumps take genuine parts

A. Yes they do. Our aftermarket pumps are completely identical to genuine and interchangeable in every way.

Q. What is the “Tidal” Brand?

A. The Tidal brand is a complete unit that is built from top quality components sourced from our Chinese partners in house here in Brisbane and under the strictest quality control guidelines.

Q. Sometimes when using open circuit fixed displacement pumps in mobile applications the manufacturer pressurizes the reservoir. This may be done to reduce the size of the reservoir and therefor space and weight. The problem with pressurizes reservoirs is that the shaft seals are often open to the housing suction pressure and therefor suffer continual leaking and premature failures.

A. Veljan offer a simple solution. You can request an option in the ordering code. Seal code 5 offers you the same shaft seal found in the Veljan Vane motors. This now allows a pressure up to 7 bar in the suction line and pump housing. No problemsettings.

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